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Baker Group Benefits

Baker Group Experience Benefits Business Owners

Jerry Baker founded The Baker Group Merger and Acquisition Consultants, Inc. in 1988. With his entrepreneurial background spanning five decades, Jerry brings a lifetime of relative, first-hand experience to his role as CEO/President.

The Purpose of The Baker Group is to assist business owners in selling their business

Since 1988, The Baker Group has become a trusted M&A consultant in various industries closing hundreds of millions of dollars in transactions.

At The Baker Group we believe that a successful transaction is a result of more than just achieving the maximum dollar value in a transaction. We have assembled a capable staff that has been programmed to listen and respond to our client’s needs in the sale of their business.


  • One-on-one service
  • No Retainer fees
  • No up-front charges
  • No Exclusives
  • No Hassle – we bring the buyer to you

We take all the risk up front. We only get paid if the buyer that we bring you justifies our fee and satisfies your desired payment for your company. If not, you won’t owe us a dime.

We have a team of analysts that will spend time reviewing your financials and doing our due diligence, including the appropriate add-backs to your adjusted EBITDA. We have to cover those costs.

Our staff are skilled in the process of negotiations with the buyer and seller to ensure that you are going to receive the maximum value of your company.

Many M&A firms will charge you up-front to even consider helping you find a buyer to purchase your company. We absorb all employee costs.

We are non-exclusive; if we bring a buyer to you and you don’t agree to the terms, then we can go to another buyer or go our separate ways. This is how confident we are in what you’ll be amazed by with an offer we can bring to you.

We look forward to working with you and helping you sell or at the very least, see what your company is worth.


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