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Call Accounting Voice Analytics

What Is Call Accounting Voice Analytics?

A call accounting system/voice analytic is a software program that takes outgoing, incoming and internal call records generated by a telephone system, processes them and adds the Destination City and State, Costs, Trunk information, Extension User’s Name and Department. These processed records are used to generate a variety of detail and summary reports on telephone call activity. These reports can be used to analyze numerous elements regarding telephone usage and system efficiency.

New computer technology and tools have allowed developers with creative thinking and innovative programming skills to create a whole new level of analytics. The new software works with traditional PBXs, new IP systems and mobile phones.

Because the newer systems are browser based, they allow much greater access to managers across the enterprise providing managers with valuable information to manage their departments more effectively.

Why Should I Have a Call Accounting System?

A Call Accounting System is a Valuable Analytic Tool

Telephone usage costs are one of the largest monthly expenses for any organization, and almost always the one with the least amount of control. Effective use of a call accounting system can provide valuable information on how this expensive resource is being used, misused – or abused.

Improve Employee Productivity

More effective use of a corporate phone system means more productive time. Managers are using reports to manage, motivate, evaluate, train and compensate employees based on actual telephone call activity.

Improve Phone System Efficiency

Reports can help verify the correct routing of calls and confirm if all telephone company trunks are operating properly, or if you have too many or not enough.

Migrating to VoIP? Reports can help configure the correct amount of bandwidth needed to provide good Quality of Service.

Visibility to Use of Toll-Free Numbers

Many companies use toll-free numbers for customers to call. Toll free means it is free to the calling party, but the company still pays for the call! Many companies use toll-free lines for advertising. Reports help identify how effective a particular ad campaign is. Knowing where calls are coming from may help plan new sites.

Risk Management Tool to Mitigate Corporate Liability Issues

Not being able to search for sensitive call records like harassment, bomb threats, etc. makes your organization vulnerable to liability claims.

Moving Voice to a Data Network

This report can help plan adequate bandwidth to avoid unacceptable voice quality.

Getting it Approved

Our customers frequently ask us for help in justifying the purchase of a call accounting system. We provide tips on how to engage their departments to get approval.


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