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What Is Call Accounting?

A call accounting system/voice analytic is a software program that takes outgoing, incoming, and internal call records generated by a telephone system, processes them, and adds additional information. These processed records are used to generate a variety of detail and summary reports on telephone call activity. These reports can be used to analyze numerous elements regarding telephone usage and system efficiency and as effective, quick-response Ad Hoc tool for searching sensitive calls including bomb threats, harassment, etc.

Why Have a Call Accounting System?

Valuable Analytic Tool

Effective use of a call accounting system can provide valuable information on how this expensive resource is being used, misused – or abused.

Improve Employee Productivity

More effective use of a corporate phone system means more productive time. Reports can help manage, motivate, evaluate, train, and compensate employees based on actual telephone call activity.

Risk Management Tool to Mitigate Corporate Liability Issues

Not being able to search for sensitive call records like harassment, bomb threats, etc. makes your organization vulnerable to liability claims.

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Reasons to Consider Selling Your Business

When a business owner is considering options to ownership there are many factors that impact that ultimate decision. At Baker Group MAC we work with our clients to identify those motivations and bring about the most desirable outcome.

One or more of these might be influencing your decision to consider utilizing the services of Baker Group MAC, Inc. in selling your business.

  • No liquidity – Most of an independent owner’s worth in the company is in accounts receivable, inventory, rental equipment, and vehicles Many have little liquidity available to them.
  • No Successors – There are no family members or employees that wish to carry on the business.
  • Tired – Little time for owners to relax and enjoy the fruits of your labors.
  • No Guarantees – Why take the risk of continued ownership of a business if you cannot guarantee your future? Selling gives you total control of your financial future
  • Unforeseen Changes – The market or industry that you are in may undergo regulatory changes that can be burdensome and may affect the profitability of your business

The “Golden Ring” – The reason you went into business as an independent entrepreneur was for pride of ownership. There is a window of opportunity when the value of your business is at a peak.

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