Monitoring Your Voice Network’s Performance with VXPulse

Having your finger on the pulse of your voice and data network can be time consuming for your staff. VXPulse monitors all or part of the unified communications ecosystem and allows for top-notch quality of service and an optimum quality of experience for both your employees and customers.

A micro appliance resides on your network and enables you to passively monitor the availability, performance and service quality of your environment.

  • Remotely monitors PBXs, VoIP implementations, network devices and access points across a network
  • Continually tests and tracks the status of the network to detect changes and threats to the end-user experience
  • Monitors call quality and server performance
  • Supports all network devices, even from multiple suppliers
  • Gives support staff a complete view of the entire communication ecosystem and its status through a unified remote access solution
  • Allows for backup of server and network device configuration with verification and audit reporting
  • Supports small business voice and data networks as well as large enterprises with multiple locations