Sales Managers Love Call Accounting Reports

If you haven’t shown call accounting reports to your sales executives, you’re missing out on gaining a new friend. A call accounting system can be used as a “Sales Tracker.”

Sales people are the revenue generators for your company and sales managers are always looking for tools to evaluate the productivity of their sales organization..

Example: A commercial real estate company runs a daily activity report showing total number of incoming, outgoing and total calls, minutes and dollars for each rep. These reports are used in sales training classes to show how many calls are needed in order to be successful in that industry.

A software marketing company leveraged their caller id reports to see where customers were calling from. After integrating with their CRM system their reports showed the company’s accounts (using the CRM’s phone number and description), where they were calling from, when they called and how long their account representative spent with them. “This isn’t a telecom tool, this is a sales manager’s dream!”

A telemarketing company installed a system and started generating reports for each rep. Previously they used the ultra-sophisticated “post-it” note system where each rep sent their daily call list to their respective manager. The Sales manager soon found their call accounting system saved their organization time by reporting the daily call list automatically. As another benefit, outbound call activity doubled, because the reps knew they couldn’t “fake” their call reports any longer.

An auto parts dealer wanted to know how long it was after a caller left a voice mail until the call was returned, so a report was created that captured the ANI of the caller and looked for an outgoing call with that same number. It was called the “Elapsed Time To Return Call” report. Management can now monitor the efficiency of their reps in returning calls from prospects.

A direct marketing group has each sales representative login to see their daily phone calls. Each representative uses it to schedule the next days call backs as well as evaluate their own productivity for the day.

Give the sales department a new tool and you will gain new respect.