Are You Ready to See What Others Can’t

As a business owner, my job is to look after the best interest of those I serve, and likewise, partner with those who I know also have their best interest in mind.

That’s why I partnered with VXSuite from the very beginning. I knew I could trust them to care for my customers the same way I do. Provide the best products possible, be ahead of the latest innovation, and be constantly forward-looking to the best opportunities for my business and those who entrust their service with me.

For that same reason, when I heard about the acquisition of VXSuite by master agent Telarus, I knew it marked the beginning of some exciting new opportunities to allow my customers to “see what others can’t,” through state of the art technology, monitoring, analytics, and support.

I’ve not been disappointed.

I wanted to take a moment to explain how this came about and detail the short- and long-term strategy in hope to shed some light on where this business is heading and how you will benefit.

The Future

The partnership developed out of a mutual belief in the fact businesses grow and thrive when they use technology to improve business processes.
That’s why the acquisition by Telarus makes perfect sense. VXSuite pairs their expertise in voice traffic analysis on a data network with the Telarus product set to bring maximum value to customers.

What’s Next?

The VXSuite brand will remain alive and customers will have access to all of the Telarus products and services.

Telarus has long been a pioneer in the telecom world. They are excited about the acquisition of VXSuite and they offer FREE monitoring on EVERY circuit sold, for any carrier. With VXPulse, they’ve created a NOC that pings and trace routes ALL circuits to ensure you receive the correct level of service. In the event the NOC detects your circuit is down, they will immediately send a push alert to let you know.

The New Leadership Structure

I have talked many times about how special the VXSuite team is. One of the things that attracted Telarus to LVM was their high-performing team. So it’s not surprise that most of the VXTracker employees have joined the new Telarus.

Michael Brown, Dan Bravo, and Levi Brown will work together with the Telarus nine-person software development team as they combine their collective coding smarts to create exciting new software. I have no doubt the new combined IT department will continue to impress and create as we continue down the UC and cloud path together.

For the timing being, Roger Blohm will remain president of the VXSuite division and work with the development team to continue to install new customers, improve the VXSuite software, and be sure you will continue to have outstanding support.

I’m really excited about the future of this new combined company and how it will improve the services I offer. If you have more questions, please contact me at