Call Accounting and Telecom Expense Management

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Founded in 1986, CONNECTIONS is a family owned and operated distributor of call accounting systems and other telecom expense management tools. We are the leader in Telecom Cost Control Solutions for over twenty years. As our customer base expands with more enterprise customers, we have found that they look to vendors like CONNECTIONS that have earned their trust to provide them additional products and services that help lower costs.

Getting your arms around the complex issues surrounding you every day can be a challenge. CONNECTIONS has connections and can help you find the solution to your issues, no matter how big or how small.


We think you should know what Call Accounting is all about these days . .

It's about being able to monitor your voice system performance, provide accurate call accounting reports for chargeback and monitor employee performance.

Network Management Asset Tracking
Call Accounting PBX Efficiency
Expense Management Directory
ACD Reporting ACD Live View
Budget Trending Carrier and Contract Commitments
It's about  optimizing voice systems.  Many phone systems are over-engineered.  Our reports help

maximize performance while reducing operating costs.

Rule-Based Alerts
SLA Reporting
It's about your people - and their safety. Did you know a call accounting system can enhance security?

Reduce your exposure to liability claims of 911 calls, harassment, bomb threats, etc.

It's about doing the right thing. Ensure your company's compliance to industry best practices. Having

an audit trail of all call activity is essential for compliance with many new state and federal laws.

It's about tracking and improving employee productivity. How can you know if employees are making

the right kinds of calls without the right tools? Visibility of call activity reduces personal calls and increases productivity. Having details of call activity allows managers to manage, train and compensate employees based on actual performance.

It's about being able to fairly and accurately allocate and charge back expenses. Reports allow

chargeback to divisions, projects or tenants and include usage as well as non-recurring expenses.

It's about having the tools to allow you to prepare better budgets. Trend reports of historical activity
  allow more intelligent planning.

And we think you should know about other ways to save money on your telecom expenses. . .

It's about helping you save money in easy, practical ways.  Using our  411 directory assistance service
  to handle your 411 calls just makes sense - and cents! You may be paying up to $2.75 per call. With our service, all you have to do is program your PBX to send calls to an 800 number and we can save you up to 78% on you 411 calls. There are no changes to your current dialing pattern and we only require a thirty-day Service Agreement.
It's about getting a handle on those wireless bills and devices. Because wireless spend now exceeds

wire phone by a ratio of 54/46%, cell phones are everywhere and the need to control them has never been greater. We can help you optimize wireless devices, cellular bills and carrier contracts.

It's about seeing how available bandwidth on data circuits affects voice quality and what you need to
  know as you consider implementing VoIP telephony.
Trunk/Traffic Analysis Time-of-Day Reports
Pre-Network VoIP Assessment and Modeling
Day 2 Reporting - Rewind for Troubleshooting
It's about providing your customers the right level of service. We can help you monitor and report on

your Nortel or Shoretel ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) system to view your agents' efficiency. What is the average speed of answer, wait time and number of abandoned calls? Our reporting systems can help you!

It's about figuring out what you need in terms of telecom expense management - and what you don't!

Do you just need an inventory of your services? Do you need a program to keep you organized monthly? Would an outsourced solution be best for your company? We can help you decide, and make sure you don't buy more functionality than you can support.

It's about finding a digital call recording company who will respond to your needs and offer choices in
  service levels.

Now we would like to know more about YOU and how you would like to save money!



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